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Constance Lippert

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Ann Arbor, Michigan


Last August I attended a web designers conference. The internet changes so quickly and so dramatically it's important that I do this now and then. This year, every lecture was about the proliferation of hand-held devices: iphones, ipads, blackberries, and android devices and how touch screens and small viewing areas is changing the direction of how we will be approaching the design process right from the start.


Imagine your home page on the desktop...800px on a small monitor to 14000px on my 22" ViewSonic - lots of real estate!  Then imagine the same site on a screen 1/4 of that size and smaller. The whole impact changes because it doesn't matter how great your site looks if you can hardly see it! What matters on a hand-held device is the information that a user comes to your site for. What information is he/she looking for?

If you ask yourself about your own site and what do your clients want when they come to your site? You can start to answer this question when the small viewport is considered first. Is it products or helpful articles? Is it your contact information? What your services are? How about getting around your site? How does a client move around your site in a 320px area? (PX's are small! )

These are the questions that will have to answered as hand-held devices take over our desktops! The future is now and hand-held devices is what it looks like. Call me because I've got a plan.

What We Do

We build websites using the latest technology and the very best tools like
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We create custom websites to your specifications.
We especially like to use Joomla! CMS because it allows you to manage your website.
We do custom functionality using Breezingforms/Facile Forms and Ecommerce.

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