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We drink a lot of coffee here and this spring we didn't stop for much. We put up 4 web sites between January and April...that's one per month!  Of course it doesn't actually work out as neatly as that since every web site has different needs but we are quite proud of these sites - they look really good and the functionality on a couple of these is just great.


 thumb iStock 000000665933SmallCheck out the dual testimonials on the homepage on .  Or if you're inclined to register for the Engineering Career Fair, we did an awesome job on the company registration signup - it's updatable. For a very cool subscription based site, the site shows the public a peek of the article and the subscriber gets to see the whole thing. Baser Law is still transitioning to the public, but we love the colorful international design for this law firm that specializes in immigration issues. Here's the list, but there's more on


1. Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research -

2. Judgment on the Front Line, Chris DeRose -

3. SWE/TBP Career Fair 2013 - University of Michigan -

4. Baser Law - ( coming soon! )


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What We Do

We build websites using the latest technology and the very best tools like
HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
We create custom websites to your specifications.
We especially like to use Joomla! CMS because it allows you to manage your website.
We do custom functionality using Breezingforms/Facile Forms and Ecommerce.

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I'm especially proud of this new site! Click here to read about Michigan Legal Services!


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"We are extremely pleased with the quality of service offered by TwoLipps. The team that provided services for our company showed passion, utmost levels of customer service and professionalism."

Onur Arslan, Edru Properties

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