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Last Sunday I thought I lost my new car. We were downtown Detroit visiting the Faberge exhibit at the Detroit Institue of Arts (DIA) and it was so crowded we had to park a few blocks away. When we came out of the museum we couldn't find the car.

It's the holidays again and every year I think I won't have a lot of work. Who thinks about web stuff in December? And every year I'm wrong.

What a year it's been! Hopefully by the time this article is finished and out-the-door, we'll have an election behind us, the east coast will have healed a bit more, and miraculously my business is still hanging in there. I hope yours is too!

I admit it...I get bored. Also, I've decided that to attract new customers and keep my business growing, I need to change my look often...maybe even once a year.

Check out  University Towers in Ann Arbor Michigan ... great gallerys and a new Second Floor Luxury Apartments.

A special welcome to Gigi Bennett and Kris Pullen for

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